Welcome to the greatest show on earth, well one of them at least! Are you looking to say ohh and ahh and how did they do that? If so you are in the right place! Coming to you from the prestigious Philip & Henry magicians, we present a show of magicians who are on another level when it comes to skill. They aren't the type you find at a children's party, oh no, they are more than that.
The stars of this show have the magic to rival a wizard, and the wit of a top class comedian. But above all they will entertain you and give you a great day out. We want you to walk out of the show smiling from ear to ear and spreading the word about the amazing magic you have just been witness to.
Uncover the secrets of the extensia diamond. A diamond so old that ancient masters of magic have tried to unlock its supreme secrets. Now 5 magicians the world over have been allowed into the secret society of EXTA and have uncovered the mystifying magical secrets that no other magician before has been able to master. This is more than you ever imagined. Journey back to a time where anything was possible, where what you imagined came true. A land of unicorns and fantasy, A land of wizards and magicians. A land of dreaming and unknown realities. This world is: EXTA!